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Mechanical Total Stations

Total stations (also referred to as total station total station theodolites), are essential land surveying and construction tools. Combining precise angle measurement with electronic distance measurement capabilities, it performs a wide variety of data collection and calculation tasks. Specifically, total stations are used for measuring vertical and horizontal angles and slope distance, while their integrated computer performs the relevant triangulation calculations with high accuracy.

We offer a cost-effective alternative to our mechanical total stations, with our range of used surveying equipment. Our collection of reconditioned equipment features the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Nikon and Trimble, at affordable prices. We also offer a hire equipment service, for short or long term rentals.

Features of Mechanical Total Stations

Unlike robotic total stations, mechanical total stations are operated manually. Although the data collected is automatically stored and processed by the onboard computer, it is the operator themselves who will measure distances and angles on site. They are assisted in this by several key features that most total stations possess. The purpose of any electronic theodolite is to get accurate measurements, even at range. Precision components allow the handler to assess both the horizontal distance and the vertical angle with pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, the total stations ensure fast and effective recording of all measurements, increasing productivity and reducing the time spent on location.

Applications of Mechanical Total Stations

Both mechanical and robotic total stations are much in use across the land surveying and construction industries, both of which benefit from the high accuracy and fast data processing provided by this equipment. Total stations are also used to measure distances in civil engineering projects, processing measurements accurately on site.

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