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Mini Prisms

Mini prisms are an essential component of any surveying operation. They are attached to prism poles or static surfaces to act as focal points for a wide variety of electronic distance-measuring equipment (EDM), for improved accuracy during surveying.

Got a question? Our friendly team are here to help you with your query. No job is too small. Trust a team who knows its stuff to get the job done.

Optical Coatings

Our mini prisms benefit from an anti-reflex coating, which allows them to operate effectively even in the most extreme environmental conditions. These coatings help to trap light within the glass prism, helping you achieve readings of the highest quality.

A laser beam targeted at these prisms from a total station, laser level, or theodolite ensures precise measurements for your project.

Improved Prism Constant

Theodolite and total station lasers enter a mini prism at the speed of light. At this speed, even the slightest obstruction can cause inaccuracies in measurements.

Corner cube prisms, commonly used on sites, cause the light beam from your EDM devices to take longer to enter the glass prism. This affects the prism constant and requires all measurements to be offset accordingly. Models with a circular design can help reduce this offset, delivering great prism accuracy.

Mini Prism Accessories

In addition to our stock of mini prisms, we also have a selection of mini prism accessories to make life easier for you on-site. These include quick change adapters, as well as prism pole attachments and sets, manufactured by some of the surveying industry’s biggest names.

Smart Solutions

No matter the project. Big or small. We’ve got you covered. Not only do we sell brand-new pieces of equipment ready to hit the road, but we also have a more affordable range of refurbished survey equipment.

And for short-term jobs? We’ve got your back with fully assured and top-of-the-range survey equipment for hire. Short-term or long-term, get in touch to tailor your next job.

Broken kit? Laser level need calibrating? Bring them in. We have a whole team of quality-assured specialists for any survey equipment repairs necessary. The premium quality of our service has enabled us to become a Spectra Authorised Service Partner as well as an authorised dealer of the global brand. 

Got a question? Our friendly team are here to help you with your query. No job is too small. Trust a team who knows its stuff to get the job done.

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