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Data Collectors

SEP Geospatial offers a range of Spectra data collectors for use in the field. Acting as an electronic field book, these high performance devices allow you to record and calculate various points on your site. They collect their data input from a variety of sources including total stations and GNSS receivers. Each handheld data collector is a key piece of field equipment for surveyors in any sector.

Accurate Data Input

A data collector is only as good as the information it collects. All models of Spectra Precision Ranger data collector are among the most accurate and effective surveying tools on the market. Collating data over WiFi and Bluetooth links, they improve productivity across the board, storing data automatically as you work. This data is then available to review and compare immediately on the built-in screen.

Versatile Data Collector Equipment

Among the many benefits of a Spectra Ranger data collector, its extensive configuration options are among the most impressive. All models can work with a range of surveying applications, including their own dedicated suite of software. This allows you to download captured data direct to your computer or tablet for further processing away from the job site.

Reliable Data Collector Devices

When working on-site, there is never an opportunity for a down day. You need data collector hardware you can depend upon to get the job done. With their rugged construction and high performance, it’s no wonder so many customers consider Spectra data collectors to be money well spent. The devices operate on dual hot swap batteries and work accurately to store data even in adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Best Spectra Data Collectors

Our data collector equipment is available for immediate purchase from our online store. For more information about individual devices, click the link for a fuller description. If you need advice on the best model for you particular survey needs, or want to enquire about our hire service, give the team at SEP Geospatial a call today.

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