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Grade Lasers

Here at SEP Geospatial, we have a range of grade lasers available for immediate purchase or equipment hire. These essential tools from Spectra Precision provide accuracy and reliability for a host of applications in both machine control and general construction. Designed to maximise productivity and improve performance on site, all our grade lasers allow you to align, level, and square more quickly and with great efficiency.

Spectra Precision Grade Laser System

When it comes to accuracy and effortless use, few other grade laser levels can match the Spectra Precision range. Available for both single grade and dual grade uses, these durable devices are built to maximise performance on site, in even the most difficult environments. Each laser boasts an easy-to-use and intuitive control interface, self levelling capabilities, and an upgradable laser, allowing you to conduct slope works competently and accurately on any general construction project.

Automatic Laser Alignment

Every grade laser in the Spectra Precision range self-levels to meet the desired grade of elevation, saving you the task of manually adjusting for slope on the horizontal and vertical axes. These figures can be input directly into single and dual grade models with effortless use. Some devices allow for automatic calculation and recording for even greater efficiency.

Built to last

Any Spectra Precision grade laser is a robust piece of kit, offering many benefits to anyone working in the building industry. Designed to survive drops of up to three feet onto concrete, or five feet from a tripod tip-over, they are suitable for use in the harshest of conditions. With an instinctive interface, you will find it to perform calibration tasks, smart targeting, axis alignment function, machine control applications, and more. The machines’ impressive capabilities include Grade Match, PlaneLok and Fingerprint functions.

Grade Match

Both our single grade and dual grade laser devices can automatically match pre-existing slopes. They calculate the appropriate grade with incredible accuracy, relaying the information to us on their sizeable display screens. This helps you maximise productivity on the job site.


Another unique capability of this self levelling laser system is its ability to lock on to vertical alignment or horizontal elevation points. This eliminates the chance of drift and error caused by environmental conditions, poor laser calibration, or anything else.


The Fingerprint function on a Spectra Precision grade laser ensures that it only accept the beam from the laser it is paired with. This leads to greater accuracy on both single and dual grade lasers.

Best Grade Laser System

Our complete range of self levelling grade lasers is available to buy today from our online store. We provide a competitive price paired with reliable customer service, aftercare, and support. For more details, including upgrade options, hire packages, and more, get in touch using the contact form elsewhere on this page.

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