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GNSS and GPS Surveying Equipment

We provide complete geospatial positioning solutions, including an extensive range of GNSS and GPS survey equipment instruments. We stock professional surveying equipment, sourced from some of the industry’s most-respected manufacturers. These include top-of-the-range brands and models, such as the Spectra Precision SP60 and the Trimble LEAP. Interested in our GNSS and GPS equipment but are looking for a cheaper alternative? We offer a hire equipment service for all customers or you can browse our used equipment for top quality products at affordable prices.

Common GNSS/GPSSurveying Equipment Questions

What instruments are used in GPS surveys?

GNSS/GPS survey equipment covers a lot of ground – literally and figuratively. These include everything from CM accuracy network rovers, GIS data collectors, and smart antennae to GNSS receivers, multi-band RTK (real time kinematic) receivers and more. Visit our online store for a full range of GNSS solutions.

Is GPS the same as GNSS?

While the terms are commonly used interchangeably, there are notable differences between the two. Technically speaking, GPS (Global Positioning System) refers to the North American satellite system. GNSS (Global Navigations Satellite System) uses the International Multi-Constellation Satellite System. This include GPS, as well as other systems across the world, including Baidu, GLONAS, Galileo and more.

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