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Interior Lasers

Hear at SEP Geospatial, we recommend the Spectra Precision HV302G horizontal/vertical laser for a wide variety of indoor tasks. This versatile, self-levelling interior laser utilises superior green beam visibility to deliver increased productivity and exceptional versatility across a range of construction projects.

Spectra Precision HV302G Interior Laser

We supply superior interior laser products, such as the HV302G from Spectra Precision. Optimised for use in interior projects, it delivers accurate horizontal/vertical readings as well as plumb measurements. It operates a split beam, allowing for a 90 degree layout and plumb point transfer, even under brightly lit conditions.

High Visibility Green Beam Technology

The Spectra Precision HV302G incorporates a high-visibility green beam, which ensure a laser level tool capable of delivering accurate results on-site. The green beam is more visible against interior surfaces such as walls and ceilings, compared to the traditional red beam used in field work. This allows you to work smarter and faster, improving your productivity across the board.

Built to Last

Spectra Precision is well-known for the durability of its equipment and accessories even in the toughest jobsite conditions. Their interior laser models are no exception. Extremely rugged, the HV203G is capable of surviving a drop onto concrete of up to 1m. If mounted on a tripod or other support, it can withstand a tip-over of up to 1.5m. This sturdy design ensures years of reliable service from an essential construction tool, reducing downtime and offering great value for money.

Versatile Interior Laser Tools

The Spectra Precision HV302G is a useful tool for a range of applications. Its rotating lasers ensure accurate performance across the horizontal/vertical axes, even under brightly lit interior conditions. A simple control keypad makes aligning your laser levels the easiest thing in the world.

What’s more, the this remarkable piece of equipment can be used alongside a range of other Spectra Precision kit, to guarantee an accurate performance. These include the HR150U laser receiver and HL760U Universal Digital Readout Receiver, both available from our online store. The exceptional versatility provided by this high-end equipment helps with everything from suspending ceilings to laying out drywall and more.

Best Interior Lasers to Buy or Hire

The Spectra Precision brand is well-respected across the construction industry for the accuracy and precise control of its products. We have their most popular interior laser available for immediate purchase from our online store. The Spectra Precision HV302G comes with many benefits, including an always-competitive price and excellent post-sale support and customer service. If you have any queries, would like to know the latest price, or enquire about our interior laser hire facility, contact SEP Geospatial today.

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