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Total Stations

Total stations (also known as total station theodolites) are all-in-one tools used in both the surveying and construction industries. This essential piece of surveying equipment comprises an integrated electronic distance meter and electronic transit theodolite. Together, this provides a powerful suite of functions allowing customers to measure horizontal and vertical angles with great accuracy, as well as the slope distance to any given point. Measuring tools and easy to use software incorporated into the total stations collect the relevant measurements and use that data output to perform triangulation calculations.

Seeking a cheaper alternative for your total station? We provide an equipment hire service for short and long term rentals, as well as a range of used surveying equipment. Our reconditioned products are serviced and assured by our team of technical experts, and feature top brands such as Spectra, Trimble and Nikon.

Robotic total station vs Manual total station

Total stations comes in two main varieties – manual (or mechanical) and robotic (or motorised). Manual total stations are operated by hand, usually by two members of an engineering crew. With robotic total stations, a single person can operate the device by remote control from the observed known point, using wirelessly connected field controllers. This forgoes the need for another team member. Robotic total stations can also be programmed using various familiar apps to perform several tasks automatically. These models are known as Automated Motorized Total Stations (or AMTS).

Electronic Distance Meter and Other Tools

The key features of a total station are its ability to deliver accurate angle measurements and distance measuring. The use of electro optical scanning and a powerful reflectorless EDM in most total stations allows surveyors to make such measurements with pinpoint accuracy. This can even be achieved over large distances, as long as you use the right systems to calculate the angles accurately between the two points.

Additional Total Station Equipment

We also stock a complete range of total station accessories and data collectors, to create more productive total stations for your site. If you have any queries on which of these offers you the best advantage, contact our team today.

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