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Monitoring Prisms

Monitoring prisms are an important piece of surveying equipment, specifically used to determine movement in structures. They are often used to identify such things as subsidence, foundation shift, and general instability in buildings, pavements, tunnel walls, bridges, and more. They are attached to the appropriate service and a beam is trained on them from a distance with pinpoint accuracy. Should the reflectors built into the prism shift during the survey, this system will pick it up.

Monitoring Prism Options

There are several models of monitoring prism on the market and we have a selection of the very best available for purchase from our online store. These include copper-coated and silver-coated varieties, both designed for deformation surveys or other situations where they need to be permanently mounted to a structure. In addition to our standard monitoring prisms, we also stock monitoring ball prisms.

Versatile Surveying Equipment

A monitoring prism has many applications, being compatible with a wide variety of electronic distance measuring instruments. Of course, in these circumstances it’s not the distance that we are looking to measure, but the stability of the surroundings. These prisms can be used alongside laser levels, total stations, and theodolites to ensure high levels of precision and accuracy during deformation surveys. These prisms are used extensively in the field and are essential for the mining and tunnelling industries.

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