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Laser Levels

Never miss a measurement, with laser precision

As popular with DIY enthusiasts as they are with professional tradespeople, laser levels belong in every toolbox. An essential piece of kit used for a wide variety of elevation control and alignment tasks, laser levels cover all manner of surveying, building, and construction jobs.

We stock the very best in optical laser levels and digital laser levels from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Nikon and Spectra Geospatial. With easy-to-use, affordable solutions for accurate measurements across various applications, we’ve got you covered.

Used to achieve accurate measurements in all kinds of environments, laser levels are an important tool for surveyors, improving productivity and reducing the time spent in the field.

For laser levels at competitive prices, browse our range of used surveying equipment. Our stock is continually updated to provide tradespeople and DIY fans with the best equipment at smarter prices. All of our reconditioned equipment is serviced and assured by our team of technical experts, to guarantee that you receive true value for money.

Got a new project? No matter the length, we have short-term and long-term survey equipment for hire across a range of makes and models. 

Optical Laser Levels

An optical level is a useful measuring and positioning tool used for establishing and verifying points on the same horizontal plane. These rugged pieces of equipment are invaluable on any construction site. 

An optical level is a manual device which allows the operator to visually trace straight lines across a horizontal surface, even at a distance. Our Nikon Auto Levels are smart pieces of tech you won’t want to miss.

Digital Laser Levels

Offering an advantage over manual optical levels, digital laser levels incorporate a laser beam that allows you to perform grade and distance measuring with greater accuracy. Straight laser beams are projected from these digital laser levels over a great distance. 

While not visible to the human eye, they can be seen when the beam comes into contact with any surface. While some surveyors prefer to trust their judgement with an optical device, many professionals choose digital levels for the high standard of accuracy they deliver. 

All our Spectra digital levels benefit from an enhanced battery life delivering a precise red or green laser line to ensure accuracy at any range.

Indoor Applications

Even with the restricted range imposed by indoor tasks, the best laser level can help you achieve fantastic results. They are used for aligning walls and levelling floors, hanging pictures, and measuring the heights of doors and windows. 

Their accurate vertical laser lines help with fitting suspended ceilings, challenging kitchen units, curtain rails, and more. Some even come with a built-in stud finder.

Outdoor Applications

Improve productivity and reduce the time spent in the field with accurate measurements in all kinds of environments. Whether you favour a red or a green laser level for outdoor work, you can find the perfect tools for the job in our smart range of laser levels. 

They are also used by builders and contractors for site layout, masonry alignment, or to check and level posts and beams on decks, fences and porches. Of course, they are also used to establish grades and check land elevations. No matter the job, we have a laser level for you.

Smart Solutions

No matter the project. Big or small. We’ve got you covered.

Not only do we sell brand-new pieces of equipment ready to hit the road, but we also have a more affordable range of used survey equipment.

And for short-term jobs? We’ve got your back with fully assured and top-of-the-range survey equipment for hire. Short-term or long-term, get in touch to tailor your next job.

Broken kit? Laser level need calibrating? Bring them in. We have a whole team of quality assured for any survey equipment repairs necessary. The premium quality of our service has enabled us to become a Spectra Authorised Service Partner as well as an authorised dealer of the global brand. 

Got a question? Our friendly team are here to help you with your query. No job is too small. Trust a team who knows its stuff to get the job done.

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