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Prism Poles

Prism poles act as a point of reference for a range of electronic distance measuring devices, such as total stations, theodolites, and GPS equipment, delivering accurate measurements over long distances. 

Range of Prism Poles

We stock an extensive selection of prism poles and accessories, ensuring there is always something to meet your specific requirements. Prism poles come in a range of different heights and materials, and choosing the right one depends on the nature of your surveying work. We stock prism poles made from fibreglass, metal (often aluminium, for its lightweight properties), and carbon, as well as composite materials.

Versatile Surveying Equipment

Prism poles are one of the most important tools you will use on a survey. While your EDM equipment might be doing all the measuring and calculating, it is the prism pole that lets you gather data with the necessary accuracy. Prism poles are arranged at points across the site. The mini prism attached to each prism pole acts as the focal point for measuring distance. It works with a range of equipment, including laser levels, theodolites, total stations (both robotic and mechanical), and more.

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