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Robotic Total Stations

Total stations are a form of electronic theodolite regularly used in the land surveying and construction industry. They offer increased productivity and cost savings by allowing the quick and accurate measurements of angles and distances on-site. Using bluetooth technology, the robotic total station can be controlled from a distance, which can save you time and money on your work.

We offer robotic total stations as part of used surveying equipment range. All of our reconditioned total stations are serviced and assured by our technical experts, to guarantee you true value for money. Alternatively, you can request to use our survey equipment hire service for short term or long term rentals.

Features of Robotic Total Stations

Unlike a mechanical total station, which is a manual instrument, robotic total stations can be operated and controlled at a distance by a trained operator. After the initial set up at a particular point, the device can be adjusted remotely using bluetooth technology. This means that the surveying and construction process can be performed by a single individual, rather than a dedicated total station team. It is easy to adjust for distance as well as vertical and horizontal angles and the built-in computer will collate the relevant data with total accuracy.

What this means for customers in the building construction industry is a smoother surveying process. It lets you spend less time on site and, thanks to the accuracy of robotic total stations, results in less rework on your construction project. This provides a significant increase in productivity, saving time and producing fewer mistakes.

Applications of Robotic Total Stations

Robotic total stations are most often seen in the land surveying and construction industries, where the offer improved on-site efficiency by streamlining several essential tasks. These include location surveys and distance measurement – both crucial to civil engineering works – both of which help with saving time as you create and collect data.

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