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Prism Pole Supports

Prism pole supports (also referred to as rover rods) are an essential tool used extensively in the construction industry, particularly for surveying sites. They are used to increase the range of your GPS rover, allowing for a broader scope for your land surveying equipment.

Essential Equipment for Prism poles

Each prism pole support is constructed to the highest standard. As well as improving the land surveying range of your GNSS and GPS equipment, it can also act as a physical support for prism poles and other survey equipment. With dual strut supports providing a solid base, these key surveying tools offer room for a mini prism (or prism pole) to be attached during the survey.

Range of Prism Pole Supports

Here at SEP Geospatial, we have an extensive collection of prism pole support rods in stock, so you should have no problem finding the right poles to suit your particular surveying equipment. We have metal prism pole support rods, as well as lightweight carbon fibre models that you can use in confidence out in the field.

Perfect for GPS and GNSS Surveys

Our prism pole support rods are designed for use with GPS surveying equipment, extending their range across your site. If you need guidance on the best rover rod to use with your particular survey equipment, contact the team today and we will help you choose the right survey prism support for you.

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