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Surveying Accessories

Optimise your workload with smart accessories for every job!

Looking for scanning spheres? Trustworthy tripods? Or heavy-duty protective bags for your gear? Look no further. We supply a comprehensive range of survey equipment accessories that help meet the requirements of your next job. 

Our range of tools help elevate your surveying equipment, from protective gear to all important attachments. These tools save you time and money, and increase productivity on any worksite. Tonnes of tradesmen trust SEP to deliver the best tools for their trade.

From marking and setting out, prism adapters and poles, to levelling staffs and heavy-duty tripods. Find the right tool for the job, and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our friendly team are here to guide you in the right direction. 

Get in touch today for free advice.

Only The Best

We’re experts when it comes to surveying equipment. We know that every instrument we have in stock only works properly when paired with the right accessories. That’s why our shop only houses survey supplies from some of the biggest and most-respected brands in the industry. 

Whether you need tribrachs and adaptors to ensure your surveyor’s level is accurate for each measure, or replacement rods and mounts for your GPS rover, we have you covered.

No Matter The Weather

When conducting a land survey in harsh and rugged conditions, it’s worth remembering the important role played by your surveying equipment accessories. 

Our full range is personally tested by our experienced team to ensure they are of the highest quality. This includes survey accessories for total stations, laser levels and more.

Smart Solutions

No matter the project. Big or small. We’ve got you covered. Not only do we sell brand-new accessories ready to hit the road, but we also have a more affordable range of refurbished survey equipment.

And for short-term jobs? We’ve got your back with fully assured and top-of-the-range survey equipment for hire. Short-term or long-term, get in touch to tailor your next job.

Broken kit? Laser level need calibrating? Bring them in. We have a whole team of quality assured for any survey equipment repairs necessary. The premium quality of our service has enabled us to become a Spectra Authorised Service Partner as well as an authorised dealer of the global brand. 

Got a question? Our friendly team are here to help you with your query. No job is too small. Trust a team who knows their stuff to get the job done.

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