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Survey Equipment Accessories

In addition to essential surveying equipment, SEP Geospatial also supplies a comprehensive range of surveying accessories. From scanning accessories and tripods to prisms, spheres, and measuring poles, we have everything you need in our online shop to ensure accurate results on your construction site. This includes adapters, parts for replacement and repair, and consumables like spray paint, spare batteries, and chargers.

Accessories for all your surveying equipment

Here at SEP Geospatial, we are experts when it comes to surveying equipment. We know that every instrument we have in stock only works properly when paired with the right accessories. That why our shop only houses survey supplies from some of the biggest and most-respected brands in the industry. Whether you need tribrachs and adaptors to ensure your surveyor’s level is accurate for each measure, or replacement rods and mounts for your GPS rover, we have you covered.

Surveying accessories

When conducting a land survey in harsh and rugged conditions, it is worth remembering the important role played by your surveying equipment accessories. Our full range is personally tested by our experienced team to ensure they are of the highest quality. This include survey accessories for total stations, laser levels,

Surveying accessories for hire

If your company doesn’t use surveying equipment on a daily basis, the upfront cost of the equipment and accessories can be daunting. We work with people in a variety of construction industries for whom this is a major stumbling block. Don’t worry: we have a survey equipment hire service that offers our customers many benefits. Contact the team today for more details and let us supply you with the perfect hire package.

Affordable surveying equipment

We believe in given our customer great value for money and excellent service every time they contact us. Our sales team is on hand to help from the moment you set up your account. Like all our staff, they have decades of experience working with surveying equipment accessories and are happy to help with all your queries.

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