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Total Station Data Collectors

Total station data collectors are important tools for any surveying project that requires the recording of multiple measurements, angles, co-ordinates, and other crucial data points. While the total station itself (along with a skilled operator, of course) can be relied upon for accurate measuring, it needs the right data collector to ensure those figures can be put to a practical use.

Best Grade Total Station Data Collectors

Of all the total station data collectors on the market, the Spectra Geospatial Ranger is by far one of the most accurate and reliable models. Currently on its fourth generation, this particular data collector is a robust and rugged piece of surveying equipment. Suitable for use with a range of total stations, the Ranger data collector has been helping improve productivity and accuracy on sites across the UK for almost 20 years.

Increase Productivity

Total station data collectors offer significant improvements in productivity, both in the field and back at the office. Easy to operate, it comes with a large screen and full keyboard, allowing you to collect and juggle with the data on the go. The larger screen offers more room for data results as they are transferred from the total station in real time. These data collectors even include a radio module, allowing you to interact with a robotic total station, not just mechanical devices.

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