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SEP offers short and long-term rentals of a wide range of state-of-the-art survey equipment including Total Stations, Laser Scanners, Construction Lasers, Data Collectors and Pipe Lasers. Get instant access to the best GNSS, Laser Receivers, Grade Lasers and Auto-Levels in the industry. Browse through our complete catalogue of survey equipment from major brands, including Spectra, Trimble, FARO, Nikon and Leica.

We make sure you can get the equipment you need – when you need it. Once you’ve found the right equipment, get in touch and we’ll arrange delivery of your survey equipment. We can provide next-day delivery, including pre-9am couriered deliveries upon request. We can also offer same-day delivery and collection using our own drivers and vehicles.

Our industry leading after-hire technical support service is on hand to help you get the most from your equipment hire experience. Take advantage of our team’s expertise with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Get prompt answers to any and all questions you may have about your equipment so that you can get on with the task at hand.

Call us on 01695 667143 or email for more information on our survey equipment hire services. View our full terms and conditions.

Why Choose SEP?

  • We have over 30 years of experience in survey equipment hire.
  • We’ve helped clients from across the globe secure the survey equipment they need.
  • Professionally trained and passionate about providing resourceful after-hire technical support services.
  • Extensive hire fleet of surveying equipment and construction tools from all major manufacturers.
  • From the very latest Laser scanners and GPS survey equipment to accessory kits and VRS licenses, our affordable hire rates offer a cost-effective way to access quality equipment.
  • Our dedicated service team provides calibrated instruments from our own Trimble Spectra-approved service centre.
  • Wide portfolio of highly precise instruments with some of the finest surveying supplies on the market from Spectra Precision, Nikon, and SECO.

Survey Equipment Rental

Our extensive range includes a wide variety of products and is constantly updated to include the best technology available. We offer a range of survey equipment for hire such as:

Construction Lasers

Our range of Spectra Laser Levels provide a quick and efficient means of assessing elevations, calculating cut and fill, and transferring levels. Spectra have been industry leaders since 1965, producing rugged, accurate laser levels that can withstand the elements and perform consistently over time.

Construction Lasers


We offer a number of GNSS receivers from Spectra. Spectra’s GNSS products utilise new technologies for optimal efficiency at an economical price. Hire Spectra’s industry-leading SP60 GNSS Receiver, as well as their SP85 GNSS Receiver and SP90M GNSS Receiver from SEP.

Spectra Geospatial SP85 GNSS Receiver

Laser Receivers

Hire from SEP’s catalogue of Spectra Laser Receivers. Spectra’s Laser Receivers are well known for their ability to take a beating and still get the job done. Take their Precision CR600 Laser Machine Display Receiver, for example, which can be clearly read from 100m away in bright light and can withstand drops from up to 3m on concrete.

Laser Receiver

Data Collectors

Hire either Spectra’s Ranger 3XR Data Collector or Ranger 7 Data Collector at affordable rates. The Ranger 3XR is a rugged piece of precision equipment, built to meet the rigorous MIL-STD-810G military standard for drops, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, the Ranger 7 received high praise from the Commercial Survey Training Centre.

Data Collector

Pipe Lasers

Choose from Spectra’s Precision DG613 or DG813 Pipe Laser. The DG613 shouldn’t be overlooked because of its more affordable price, it can still operate over a distance of 150m, whilst providing up to 50 hours of operation with alkaline batteries. Meanwhile, the DG813 is completely waterproof, whilst offering similarly impressive battery life and performance.

Pipe Lasers

Grade Lasers

Spectra’s Precision Grade Lasers can be found on construction sites around the world thanks to their superior quality and reliability. Both the GL422N and GL412N Laser Levels can withstand drops up to one meter. Operators can also take advantage of PlaneLok technology which locks on to existing horizontal elevations and vertical alignment points.

Grade Lasers


Find the right Auto-level for your needs from either Nikon or Spectra. The affordable Spectra Geospatial Focus DL-15 offers both ease of use and performance. Meanwhile, both the Nikon AC-2S and Nikon AX-2S Auto Levels offer sharp images over 24x and 20x magnifications respectively.



Total Station Hire

Browse our selection of Total Stations from leading brands such as Spectra, Trimble, Leica and Nikon. We offer a range of Robotic Total Stations and Mechanical Total Stations for hire, as well as a number of accessories and Data Collectors to give you the tools you need to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Survey Equipment Price per week Picture
Trimble Robotic Total Station from £185 Hired Trimble total station
Leica Robotic Total Station from £175
Leica TS06 Total Station from £55
Nikon Total Station from £50
Traverse Kits from £10
Mini Prisms from £5


GPS Survey Equipment Hire

SEP offers a range of quality GPS Survey Equipment that caters to both small and large-scale surveying jobs. Stocking industry brands and models, like the Spectra Precision VRS Rover; Trimble Rover, and Spectra Base and Rover. These are fully licensed modern machines that are invaluable to those who work in the fields of Construction, Surveying, and other related fields.

Survey Equipment Price per week   
Spectra Precision VRS Rover     from £185
Trimble Rover from £195
Spectra Base and Rover from £250


Laser Level Hire

Survey Equipment Price Per Week Picture
Nikon Auton Level Kit from £6 Hired Spectra Laser Level
Spectra Laser Level from £15
Spectra Dual Grade Laser from £35
Spectra Pipe Laser from £20
Spectra Machine Mounted Laser Receiver from £20


Survey Equipment Hire

Survey Equipment Price per week
Cable Locator – Cat 4v from £15
Cable Locator – Cat 4+ (Depth Measuring) from £16.50
Cable Locator – E-Cat 4v (Data logging) from £17.50
Cable Locator – E-Cat 4+ (Data logging & Depth Measuring) from £18.50
Signal Genny 4 from £10
Escape Set – 10 Min (Hooded) from £15
Escape Set – 15 Min (Masked) from £20
30 Min B/A Set from £45
45 Min B/A Set from £50
Gas Detector 4 Gas from £12.50
Fall Arrest Tripod from £20
Fall Arrest Winch Enquire for pricing


If you would like to speak to an advisor first, please call 01695 667143, email or use the contact form below.