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GNSS Receivers

GNSS (or the Global Navigation Satellite System) refers to several clusters (or constellations) of satellites orbiting the Earth at any given moment. These constellations emit radio waves at a constant frequency, which can be picked up by a GNSS receiver at ground level. This technology is most commonly used as part of a vehicle’s GPS or as anti-theft technology, with the signal from these satellite constellations being able to track a moving receiver with pinpoint accuracy.

Next Generation GNSS Receivers

Of course, in the surveying and construction industry, the purpose of a GNSS receiver is identify stationary points with the same level of precision. Here at SEP Geospatial, we offer a range of next generation GNSS receiver technology from Spectra Precision. From handheld devices like the Spectra Geospatial SP20 to cutting-edge equipment like the Spectra Geospatial SP85 GNSS receiver (featuring patented Z-blade technology), we have the perfect tool for any project.

Satellite Capable GNSS Antenna

With revolutionary new GNSS processing capabilities, the GNSS receiver market has delivered an extremely versatile turnkey solution for several industries. L-band satellite capable GNSS and a dual battery setup permits processing signals from multiple GNSS constellations in challenging environments. A channel 7G chipset combined with ultra-rugged housing and a patented antenna design creates a GNNS receiver you can rely on to provide exceptional results.

Best GNSS Receivers

From the SP85 GNSS receiver with its unlimited operation time and revolutionary new GNSS processing technology, to handheld and scalable models from Spectra, SEP Geospatial has a range of GNSS receivers available for immediate purchase from our online store. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to advise you on the choosing the best GNSS Surveying Equipment.

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