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Digital Levels

We stock top quality laser digital levels, designed for high performance and creating accurate height measurements in construction. Introducing the Focus D-15, the latest digital level in the Spectra Geospatial series. It delivers an easy to use, affordable solution for digital surveying. Its vast internal data storage and accuracy of 1.5mm (0.005ft) makes it an essential for surveying work.

Spectra Geospatial Series

Spectra Geospatial delivers the highest quality surveying equipment on the market. From Laser Levels & Total Stations to GNSS/GPS Solutions, Spectra Geospatial offers a complete portfolio of products that can be used across a wide variety of applications. 

All of Spectra’s surveying equipment utilise the latest data capture technology to provide optimal efficiency. This is what makes them one of the most reliable and convenient surveying equipment brands available.

Achieve Accurate Results

Our laser levels deliver accurate results even at far range. These precision measuring tools offer incredible convenience and efficiency on all levelling assignments and construction sites. With auto-levelling technology and onboard software to accurately handle measurements and calculations, customer satisfaction is assured.

User-Friendly Digital Levels

Every electronic level delivers consistent measurements at a distance of up to 100 metres. Using a standard bar code staff set in the ground for reference, our digital levels are accurate to within 1.5 mm, even at that range. On-board memory allows for significant data storage of all measurements, while the built-in high-resolution display makes monitoring the results simple.

Efficient and Accurate Measurements

All our digital levels are built with accuracy and efficiency in mind. These powerful digital level tools generate precise measurement at high speed, improving production across a variety of tasks. With an unrivalled degree of precision even over a restricted range, you can speed up measuring and calculation. The results can be used on the construction site itself thanks to the onboard display, or transferred to another device using a standard USB attachment.

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