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Survey Tripods

Get the most out of your high-end pieces of kit. It’s important to own a quality surveying tripod that offers full support for your equipment. Their large ‘footbed’ is optimal for providing stability on uneven surfaces, helping deliver accurate measurements.

High Quality Survey Tripods

Whether you favour wooden tripods, fibreglass tripods, or aluminium tripods, you will find the right kind of survey tripod for your project in our online store. Built to last using the very best materials, our instrument tripods deliver great performance, making them a crucial addition to any kind of fieldwork.

Suitable for Range of Applications

Survey tripods can be used to mount a variety of surveying equipment, providing a stable platform for total stations, laser levels, and more. Every heavy duty tripod we supply has other substantial benefits, too. They have a large load bearing capacity, meaning they can handle even the heaviest of equipment. They have great torsional rigidity and height stability, which means your instruments will remain in position during use. Likewise, our heavy duty models provide optimal vibration dampening, so your measurements won’t be affected by ground movement.

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