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Laser Receivers

While laser levels can be operated by sight alone, this is not always possible in all conditions. Poor visibility (whether due to inclement weather conditions or, conversely, too much light) makes it difficult to get a read on the laser itself. This can prevent you from getting accurate measurements and cause a problem completing your task. A simple way to resolve the issue is with a laser receiver.

Spectra Precision Laser Receivers

At SEP Geospatial, we stock a selection of laser receivers suitable basic and advanced levelling jobs in the surveying and general construction industry. Each durable laser receiver is built to withstand regular use on busy and noisy job sites. They are fitted with rugged waterproof housings and easily fitted to a tripod or other stabilising device by a rod clamp or magnetic mount. Our laser receivers are manufactured by Spectra Precision and include the well-regarded Spectra Precision CR600 laser receiver. This traditional laser receiver is one of the most popular in the industry and with good reason.

Laser Based Display Systems

Our laser receiver devices are perfect for a wide range of exterior levelling applications. Easy to operate thanks to their front and back display digital read out, they are great for increasing productivity. When your laser level hits the laser receiver, it will emit a loud beeper, easily heard over large distances. The clear numeric display allows for precise measurements to ensure you’re on grade.

Best Combination Laser Receiver

Whether you favour handheld applications, a rod-mounted laser receiver, or a machine-mounted display receiver, you will find the right device for you in our online store. For more information or advice on our full range of Spectra Precision laser receivers, contact SEP Geospatial today.

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