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Construction Lasers

Construction lasers (or laser levels) are useful pieces of surveying equipment, commonly used in both engineering and the general construction industry. They are typically used for aligning and levelling, offering many benefits in terms of productivity, quality, and accuracy.

Accurate Laser Levels

Laser levels work by projecting a visible light onto a vertical or horizontal surface. This provides a more accurate methods of detecting a manual slope or grade in the surface than judging by line of sight alone. This offers a wide range of interior applications – anything from professional building work to hanging a picture. Our laser levels offer best visibility for any on-site job, whether as dot lasers or rotating lasers.

Professional Rotary lasers

We have automated rotating lasers in stock that help improve accuracy when measuring a vertical or horizontal plane. These rugged devices perform well on outside jobs (when used in conjunction with a laser detector or receiver) as well as indoor projects. We can help you find the right model for you, with the perfect rotation speed for the tasks you have in mind.

Robust Laser Levels and Laser Detector

All the tools we have for sale in our online store are built to rugged dimensions. Fall damage is a common problems for any laser level user. Our construction lasers are designed to withstand falls from a tripod or other support without sustaining damage. This is one of the many simple features that makes these devices so popular.

Affordable surveying equipment

For your ideal laser level at a cost-effective price, look no further than our online store. At SEP Geospatial, we have a variety of laser levels in store for our customers to buy or hire. We stock reliable and accurate tools from some of the industry’s most-respected manufacturers, including the Spectra Precision range. This allows our customers to do your their shopping with confidence, knowing all models and accessories are of the highest quality.

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