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Laser Scanners

Measure and record data up to 340 meters away

We only stock high-performance laser scanners from the industry’s most respected manufacturers, including FARO and Trimble. 

Our user-friendly laser scanners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with precise up-close or long-distance scanning, you can measure and record data up to 340m away. 

With a precise scan resolution on all laser scanners and dynamic referencing technology, you can capture objects in detail in the field, harvesting the scan data for later use.

We supply next-generation models such as the Trimble X7 and FARO Focus Premium. The forefront of laser scanning solutions.

In need of a cost-effective option for your laser scanning? We provide a survey equipment hire service for all of our customers. Or browse our range of used surveying equipment, which are all service and quality assured by our technical experts, with a 3-month warranty.

No matter the project at hand, you’ll find a device that meets your requirement.

Smart Solutions

No matter the project. Big or small. We’ve got you covered. Not only do we sell brand-new pieces of equipment ready to hit the road, but we also have a range of used surveying equipment at affordable prices. 

And for short-term jobs? We’ve got your back with fully assured and top-of-the-range survey equipment for hire. Short-term or long-term, get in touch to tailor your next job.

Broken kit? Laser level need calibrating? Bring them in. We have a whole team of quality-assured specialists for any survey equipment repairs necessary. The premium quality of our service has enabled us to become a Spectra Authorised Service Partner as well as an authorised dealer of the global brand. 

Got a question? Our friendly team are here to help you with your query. No job is too small. Trust a team who knows its stuff to get the job done.


What are laser scanners used for?

Laser scanners are used in many industries for civil infrastructure, road intersection surveys, forensics, utilities, mining, historical documentation and renovation, industrial surveys and tank calibration, and general surveys.

Using our laser scanners you can develop 3D scans of building elevations, floor plans, tunnel profiling, motorways or rail bridges, as well as mapping topography in the area. 

What is the range of laser scanners?

The Faro Focus Core has a range of 70 meters, with a distance accuracy of 2mm, whereas the Trimble X7 can reach as far as 80 meters.

What are the advantages of laser scanners?

With the precision of laser scanners, you can significantly reduce data collection errors and therefore the need to revisit a site due to missed detail. Get high-speed, detailed scans in real-time, right when you need them. 

Contact our friendly team for help finding the right laser scanner for your project.

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