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Laser Scanners

Laser scanners are high-end pieces of surveying equipment that enable you to perform high-speed laser scanning of your site. The pin-point precision afforded by these machines ensures high quality scans that deliver clean and accurate data. These readings are fed back to the device, allowing for immediate analysis and replication.

High Speed and High Resolution

We stock laser scanners from some of the most respected brands in the industry, such as Spectra, Trimble, and Faro. Using laser triangulation technology, these devices can measure and record necessary data at distances of up to 340 metres away. With a precise scan resolution on all laser scanners and dynamic referencing technology, you can capture objects in detail in the field, harvesting the scan data for later use.

A Range of Applications

Whilst popular in the surveying industry, laser scanners make scanning easier across a range of sectors. From architecture, construction, and engineering, to forensics, public safety works, and more, our selection of laser scanners can assist in all manner of projects. You can get accurate measurements in just a few minutes, even for large sized objects.

Versatile Laser Scanners

What laser scanning project you’re involved in, you will find the one device that meets your requirements here. We supply user friendly laser scanners suitable for indoor and outdoor use, precise long distance scanning or up close. Automatic scanning settings ensure that every measurement is collected, so you never need to worry about missing an essential figure for your data.

Best Grade Laser Scanners

We supply laser scanners of the highest quality from some of the biggest names in the business, including Faro, Trimble, and Spectra. Our complete range is available for immediate purchase from our online store, with all models benefiting from competitive prices and exceptional customer service, aftercare, and support. For more details, including cases, accessories, hire packages, and more, get in touch using the contact form elsewhere on this page.

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