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Laser Scanners

We supply the best grade laser scanning products on the market, from top-of-the-range brands: Trimble and FARO. 

Trimble’s range are at the forefront of high performance laser scanning solutions; the TX8 is designed to provide ultra-high speed scanning for long range surveying applications, without any compromise to scan quality. The TX6 is an alternative laser scanning solution by Trimble, with its integrated HDR camera enabling you to capture images fast to minimise project time. FARO offer the Focus S70, which comes with advanced functionalities to provide ultra-high accurate measurements for indoor and outdoor applications.

High Speed and High Resolution

Using laser triangulation technology, these devices can measure and record necessary data at distances of up to 340 metres away. With a precise scan resolution on all laser scanners and dynamic referencing technology, you can capture objects in detail in the field, harvesting the scan data for later use.

Versatile Laser Scanners

What laser scanning project you’re involved in, you will find the one device that meets your requirement. We supply user friendly laser scanners suitable for indoor and outdoor use, precise long distance scanning or up close. Automatic scanning settings ensure that every measurement is collected, so you never need to worry about missing an essential figure for your data.

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