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Total Station Accessories

Total station accessories such as tripods, target trackers, and chargers are essential if you want accuracy and efficiency in the field. We stock a selection of Trimble and Spectra-approved add-ons to help you maximise the effectiveness of your surveying equipment.

For reconditioned total station accessories, at affordable prices, browse our used surveying equipment range. All of our used equipment is serviced and assured by our technical expert team, to guarantee you true value for money.

Total Station Tripods

To get the most out of your total station, you need a steady surface on which to stand it. We offer superior tripod technology to ensure your readings and measurements are accurate at all times. Easy to set up and take down, our tripods will support your devices throughout your project, making them essential pieces of surveying equipment.

Total Station Target Trackers

Of course, a total station is only as good as its target when it comes to accuracy and precision. We provide multi-track targets that allow you to identify multiple markers even in the most challenging surroundings. These useful instruments track and scan more than one target at a time, and are not deterred by traffic or nearby reflective surfaces. Combined, this ensures huge savings in time and cost.

Total Station Batteries and Chargers

Total stations are portable devices, designed for use in the field. As such, it’s important that they have a reliable power supply that you can take with you on location. We stock powerful total station batteries and chargers for all models sold on this website along with the necessary cables and attachments. Long-lasting and as durable as the devices themselves, these compatible battery packs are an essential purchase for any job.

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