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Here at SEP Geospatial, we have more than three decades’ experience in the world of survey equipment. We carry an extensive selection of lasers and laser level accessories, suitable for use on any construction site. From general utility construction lasers to hyper-accurate laser detectors, we have something for every application. Whether you need a grade laser, interior laser, pipe laser, or laser receiver, we have you covered.

Construction Lasers

We supply a variety of laser levels and other types of construction laser to clients across the UK. An essential control tool, these line laser levels deliver unbeatable accuracy even at a distance, particularly when used in conjunction with a dedicated laser receiver.

Grade Lasers

Our selection of grade lasers are among our most popular engineering supplies. An essential piece of survey equipment, they provide crucial angle data for a range of outdoor applications. We provide both single beam and dual grade lasers.

Pipe Lasers

Our range of pipe lasers emit a visible laser line to assist with drainage, groundwork, and other general construction applications. Extremely durable and with a long battery life, a recommended pipe laser from Spectra Precision is a valuable addition to any construction site.

Laser Layout Tools

Laser layout devices can be put to a range of interior and outdoor applications. Easy to use, they comprise a laser beam projector working over a horizontal plane and a pair of vertical planes set 90 degrees apart. Between them, they can deliver a 360 degree reference point across your site, even in poor lighting conditions.

Interior Lasers

Lasers aren’t just for fieldwork. We stock a range of interior lasers suitable for indoor projects. These smaller devices work effectively in even the most brightly-lit interior surroundings. They incorporate a self-levelling laser that delivers accurate measurements on both the horizontal and vertical plane to help you achieve level flooring and more.

Laser Receivers

A laser receiver is a key component for many general construction applications. Comprising a grade rod with a laser detector attached, they work with your laser levels to provide accurate results over long distances. By targeting your laser line at the receiver, you can get a more precise grade reading and a more level line that you could accomplish with the human eye.

Best Laser Surveying Equipment Online

Our entire range of high performance laser surveying equipment is available for immediate purchase from our online store. Our experienced team is happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the right tool for the job. For all queries relating to any of our land surveying equipment, give SEP Geospatial a call today.

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