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Setting & Marking Out Tools

Streamline your workload, increase productivity and cut costs with smart tools that get the job done. We stock a selection of marking and setting out tools, including spray paint, marking chalk and ranging poles. Each are essential tools that lay down the foundations for precise surveying.

Marking Spray Paint and Accessories

Spray paint offers many benefits when marking out various types of edges, lines, angles, and points. It’s quick to apply, dries rapidly and is highly durable. It can be applied to a wide range of materials, making it the ideal solutions if you need to mark a spot on concrete, bitumen, timber, or gravel. They can also apply beautifully to grass and dirt. The perfect tools for marking your site. As well as spray paints, we also supply line marking machines, as well as marking pistols and marking handles.

Crayons, Chalk, and Markers

Many customer prefer to scribe lines parallel with each other using crayons, chalks, markers, rather than spray paint. They also enjoy that you can utilise a steel rule or a try square with them, without wrecking them with an aerosol spray paint. Whatever your reason to favouring them, these marking out tools are available to buy right now.

Ranging Poles

Ranging poles are an effective form of measuring gauge, ideal for marking out target points so you can accurately measure them. Whether you’re trying to get one line parallel with another or take an accurate measurement of distance, these marking out tools are an essential part of your kit. Made of wood or aluminium and fitted with two sharp spurs (one at either end) our ranging poles are built to last.

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