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Optical Levels

We have an extensive range of automatic optical levels available in our online store. These essential pieces of surveying equipment are used across the construction industry by engineers and and surveyors for a range of general construction applications. Optical levels (which may be referred to as dumpy levels) are sensitive instruments found at any kind of construction site or road surfacing project.

Automatic levels

Optical laser levels are use to establish points along the same horizontal plane. This is essential for the accurate measuring of heights on a construction project. All our dumpy levels are sourced from some of the industry’s biggest names to ensure lasting quality at affordable prices. Accessories such as a tripod allow for even greater accuracy from your dumpy levels, making them ideal for outdoor surveying.

Dumpy levels vs. Automatic digital levels

While optical and automatic levels both offer a reliable service, dumpy levels require you to manually adjust your line of site. Automatic levels, on the other hand incorporate an integrated compensator mechanism to do this automatically to high levels of accuracy. Some surveying veterans prefer the old-school approach of dumpy levels, while others favour the reliability of an automatic level.

A great range at a great price

You can find our full range of automatic optical levels on this very page. Providing accurate measurements and reliable service at a competitive price, this equipment offers excellent value for money for any levelling application. For all your queries, contact SEP Geospatial today.

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