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Tribrach Adapters

Tribrachs are an important piece of kit for any surveying project using tripods, to ensure maximum measurement accuracy. They are used for attaching various types of surveying equipment to a tripod positioned at a ground control point. Its crosshair target and an optical level allows you to set the tripod precisely where it needs to be, making your job easier.

Set a Ground Control Point with Precise Optical Plummet

This is the most common use for tribrachs – getting a precise alignment for your instrument base to ensure the most accurate measurements. Once a marker has been set, the tribrach is positioned vertically over the three legs of the tripod. Before the locking mechanism is engaged, the tripod is placed over the marker, looking down through the optical plummet to target the marker. The two triangular metal plates are then adjusted slowly using the maintenance-free foot screws at the side of the device. This manual adjustment allows for extremely accurate forced centring on the horizontal plane, leading to improved measurement accuracy.

Adapters for a Range of Applications

We stock and supply quality tribrach adapters to match a range of tripods and surveying equipment for maximum instrument stability. These include total stations, GNSS receivers, prism poles and more.

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