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Levelling Staffs

Levelling staffs are an essential instrument on all manner of building and construction sites. Sometimes referred to as levelling rods, staff rods, or a self-reading staff, levelling staffs are easy to operate, making your workload quicker, easier and your site more productive.

Lightweight Aluminium Levelling Staffs

While you can purchase wooden and fibreglass levelling staffs, we find an aluminium rod to be particularly popular among our customers. Durable and easy to transport to and from construction sites, aluminium levelling staffs are a valuable addition to your toolkit. Our aluminium levelling staffs are nested models to make them even easier to carry and set-up. A telescopic levelling staff makes for easy storage and can be extended in a matter of seconds to achieve the desired height.

Versatile Levelling Staffs

A levelling rod is an essential GPS surveying instrument, offering a comprehensive assortment of applications for building and construction sites. A level staff can be used with optical devices to record distance manually, or with an appropriate EDM, such as a total station or laser level.

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