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Often used in conjunction with AMTS monitoring systems and total stations, prisms reflect the measuring beam produced by the total station, allowing for both horizontal and vertical angles measurements.

We also stock a selection of prism adapters that attach the prism to a pole for increased accuracy over longer distances.

Accurate Electronic Distance Measurement

Survey prisms are manufactured to deliver accurate measurements over a long distance. This is thanks to a combination of the purity of the glass used in their production, together with the optical coatings applied and the protection afforded to the prisms by their prism holder. These are the main factors that guarantee EDM of the highest quality and accuracy, whatever kind of total stations you are using.

Anti-Reflex Coating

All our survey prisms incorporate an anti reflex coating that helps to improve accuracy by reducing the refractive index of each prism. This means that, unlike some standard reflectors, the returned beam deviation is kept to an absolute minimum, even over a longer distance.

Prism Holder Adapters and Accessories

In addition to the prisms themselves, we have a wide selection of attachments and other accessories to help you get the most out of your survey prism. If you need to account for height offset, we have connectors that let your prism be mounted to poles. Whether you want a prism holder with a copper coating or a red polymer holder, we have the right items for you in store.

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