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Marking Chalk and Crayons

Marking chalk is a simple, yet effective way to tag specific points on a survey or building site. Available in a range of colours, they can be used on almost any surface, allowing you to identify key areas on your project that need attention. These essential products are used by customers across the country to improve on-site safety, increase productivity, and to help staff navigate a busy working environment.

Permanent and Temporary Marking Chalk Sticks

We stock a wide selection of marking chalk sticks suitable for permanent and temporary marking applications. Both types can be used on almost any surface and can be applied freehand, or utilising a marking handle to draw straight lines for marking out boundary areas. Our temporary marking chalk can be removed with a damp cloth in many cases, while our permanent chalk requires the application of a stiff brush to remove it from most surfaces.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

Our range of marking chalks can be used on a variety of surfaces, making them the ideal choice for any company. These include metal, wood, brick, and concrete, as well as road surfaces such as tarmac, asphalt, and bitumen. They can also be used on rubber surfaces, making them ideal marking tools for vehicle tyres and other rubber components. Our marking chalk sticks are specially formulated to work on most surfaces, even if they are rusty or dirty. They will even cut through oil and water to leave their mark where you need them.

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