Quality Policy Statement

Three Shapes Management also Trading as SEP Engineers, SEP Geospatial, SEP Technical and SEP Subsurface has been built upon reputation, dedication and sheer will to succeed. The Company has gained growth from incorporation which includes other departmental functions with our aim at becoming a “One Stop Shop” for concept to completion requirements. The Company is based at Skelmersdale in Lancashire although our services are offered and undertaken on-projects throughout the UK.

We strive to provide our Clients with the highest possible standard of quality and efficiency on all that we do.

The Company operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) to UKAS Standards; Quality Management System Specification EN ISO 9001:2015, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification ISO 45001: 2018 and the Environmental Management Sysdtem Specification ISO 14001:2015.

It’s our goal to ensure all working parties feel at ease doing business with us by providing competent professional services and through vigorous management, planning and administration.

Our policy, procedures, objectives and targets will be brought to the attention of employees through inductions, meetings and briefings and development programmes.

Employee co-operation is paramount to the success of this policy which includes; feedback and involvement though suggestions, briefings, meetings, open dialect and representatives.

Inspections and audits will be completed with the findings brought to the attention of key personnel during review meetings which will allow the company to establish improvement plans.

We will commit adequate finances and physical resources to ensure the implementation and constant development of this Policy.

We will work to continually improve the company performance and associated management systems, to satisfy applicable requirements which will be monitored through our objectives and targets and review meetings.

The systems defined has directors and management support to ensure achievement. The Policy will be reviewed at least annually but is under continual review and improvement, however once defined are mandatory for all personnel.


A copy of this policy is available upon request