Construction Supervision

SEP’s construction supervision experts understand the ever-increasing pressure that is placed on projects to ensure that they are completed on time, within budget and to a high standard. We have decades of experience offering a full range of construction supervision services and understand the importance of reflecting our clients’ vision while completing projects within the necessary timescales and budget constraints.

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What is Construction Supervision?

Construction supervision encompasses a range of processes that are undertaken with the purpose of completing a construction project in line with the requirements laid out in the contract documents, specifications and approved plans. Sound construction supervision also ensures that any building codes, standards or local ordinances are adhered to at the same time.

Our construction supervision professionals have experienced first-hand how projects can escalate in terms of complexity and understand how this necessarily leads to more obstacles that need to be overcome. SEP’s experts have the experience to pragmatically identify these obstacles as they arrive, and apply their considerable knowledge to ensure that each problem is solved promptly and efficiently.

Construction Supervision Services

SEP’s construction management professionals can guide your construction project to completion. Our services can be tailored to your needs, helping your project to be completed within budget and with the necessary quality standards. Regardless of the size of your project or your location, we can provide experienced professionals with knowledge in all aspects of construction.

Our construction supervision services include:

  • Design supervision
  • Independent third-party verification and certification
  • Project management consultant for building, industrial and infrastructure facilities
  • Programme management consultant for infrastructure development plans
  • Site supervision in accordance with technical and construction legal requirements
  • Continuous supervision of construction works (quality, schedule and budget)
  • Commissioning supervision on quality and schedule
  • Facility management and maintenance supervision of infrastructure and building
  • Testing materials, systems and installations
  • Non-destructive testing supervision
  • Delivered documentation supervision
  • Technical and legal advice, and assessment consulting
  • As-built documentation
  • Permanent supervision by experienced professionals
  • Programme management of infrastructure projects
  • Building Information Modelling services (BIM) for civil, buildings and industrial projects

SEP can assist your project, whether it involves the construction of buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, wind farms or power facilities. Our decades of experience in the industry makes us the ideal candidates for supporting construction projects for public institutions, private investors, real estate owners, and insurance and construction companies across the globe. Rich in high quality resources and experienced in providing a multitude of survey equipment services, we are also ideally equipped to perform acutely accurate stockpile measurement services.

Prioritising Health & Safety

SEP ensure that Health & Safety remains a priority throughout the entirety of all projects we are hired for. We ensure that a detailed review is undertaken of all contractors’ health and safety plans before the commencement of a project, and a thorough risk assessment is carried out before work begins. We understand the importance of personnel safety and ensure that necessary inductions are carried out before site attendance.

During a project, the management and control of health and safety is actively monitored to ensure the safety of all on-site. SEP’s site supervision experts ensure that site visits are carried out routinely and know when progressive education is required to keep standards high.

SEP’s construction supervision services can be tailored to the demands of completing your project. Our personnel have decades of combined experience in managing construction projects and have the skills to supervise every aspect of your project.

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