Survey Equipment Suppliers

At SEP Geospatial we are a leading supplier and offer a full multi-brand spectrum of Survey Equipment Instruments including Robotic Total Stations, Rail Survey Equipment, Laser Levels, Cable avoidance equipment, Pipe Lasers, Gas Detectors and GPS/GNSS equipment. We also offer Software and extended warranty and maintenance contracts. Our expert technicians are always on hand to offer after sales support, advice and repairs to ensure that you get the best possible results from your purchase.

For surveying and construction equipment we provide a comprehensive range of accessories including batteries, chargers, adaptors, prisms, poles, staffs, tripods, bipods, bags, cases and power supply cables

We stock a wide range of survey consumables to cater for every need including level books, road marking crayons and paint, measuring tapes and wheels, retro targets, nails and washers.

A complete range of versatile GPS/GNSS accessories is available. For accurate positioning of your GPS kit we supply VRS licenses that provide instant access to RTK corrections.

We also frequently offer reconditioned instruments at very competitive prices. These items are available with a standard three-month warranty and represent a very economical way to purchase quality equipment with our excellent aftersales services included.

Spectra Geospatial SP85 GNSS receivers praised by The Survey School Manager

Providing training to the whole survey and construction industry, The Survey school – operated by The Survey Association – received three Spectra Geospatial SP85 GNSS receivers with Ranger 7 data collectors in December 2020 from SEP Geospatial.

Used at the UK’s only Commercial Survey Training Centre, the survey equipment received high praise from Survey school manager Alan Mansell, FCInstCE who said “We believe that the best training can only be delivered using the best equipment and technology available. Having seen the Spectra equipment demonstrated, it became apparent that choosing the Spectra SP85 and Ranger 7 would not be a difficult decision to make”

Alan also highlighted SEP’s professionalism, saying “I cannot thank SEP and Spectra Geospatial enough for their generous support and commitment to the surveyors who train at our school and for the profession as a whole.”

Browse through our range of Survey equipment to find the correct item to accompany your instrument or solution. If you require any advice, please contact our friendly and experienced team on 01695 667143 or