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Survey Equipment Hire

Survey Equipment Hire in London

Experts in an array of surveying supplies, we have over 30 years of experience in survey equipment hire as we’ve worked with a wide range of surveying equipment hiring clients from across the globe. Professionally trained and passionate about providing resourceful after-hire technical support services, our technicians have years of experience, so if you hire survey equipment with us, you’ll receive professional survey equipment hire services of the highest quality.

As a Spectra Precision, Nikon, and SECO dealer, our portfolio of highly precise instruments contains some of the finest surveying supplies on the market. Offering short- and long-term survey equipment rentals, we can provide you with speedy hire for a wide range of services such as: GPS survey equipment hire, optical survey equipment hire, laser level speedy hire,  total station hire and technical support.

Survey Equipment Rental

Our extensive range includes a wide variety of products and is constantly updated to include the best technology available. We offer a range of survey equipment for hire such as:

Total Station Hire

Survey Equipment Price per week Picture
Trimble Robotic Total Station from £185 Hired Trimble total station
Leica Robotic Total Station from £175
Leica TS06 Total Station from £55
Nikon Total Station from £50
Traverse Kits from £10
Mini Prisms from £5


GPS Survey Equipment Hire

Survey Equipment Price per week   
Spectra Precision VRS Rover     from £185
Trimble Rover from £195
Spectra Base and Rover from £250


Laser Level Hire

Survey Equipment Price Per Week Picture
Nikon Auton Level Kit from £6 Hired Spectra Laser Level
Spectra Laser Level from £15
Spectra Dual Grade Laser from £35
Spectra Pip Laser from £20
Spectra Machine Mounted Laser Receiver from £20


Survey Equipment Hire

Survey Equipment Price per week
Cable Locator – Cat 4v from £15
Cable Locator – Cat 4+ (Depth Measuring) from £16.50
Cable Locator – E-Cat 4v (Data logging) from £17.50
Cable Locator – E-Cat 4+ (Data logging & Depth Measuring) from £18.50
Signal Genny 4 from £10
Escape Set – 10 Min (Hooded) from £15
Escape Set – 15 Min (Masked) from £20
30 Min B/A Set from £45
45 Min B/A Set from £50
Gas Detector 4 Gas from £12.50
Fall Arrest Tripod from £20
Fall Arrest Winch Enquire for pricing

Why choose SEP for Survey equipment hire?

With over 30 years of experience in selling and lending survey equipment, we are seasoned professionals able to supply you with industry leading technologies and unrivalled service. Constantly updating our catalogue to include world leading survey supplies, our equipment and services have been put to use at a multitude of invaluable listed buildings.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a solution, not just a service. Our well-trained after sales support team have years of experience on-site using the same equipment we sell and lend – meaning you’ll be consistently assisted by proven experts.

From optical survey equipment hire to laser scanner rental, we are well-versed in all forms of building survey equipment and speedy survey equipment hire. Passionate about supplying you with unparalleled service, our technicians are always on hand to provide you with resourceful support and advice on optimizing survey equipment usage. Having teamed up with the best brand names in the industry, we are able to provide you with the best survey equipment possible at the most competitive price.

We specialise in:

Offering all of our services under one roof, we offer straight forward solutions that require just one firm, one contract, one quote, and one invoice – providing you with a comprehensive streamlined solution. If you’re asking yourself “Where can I find Total Station hire Near me?” You’re in the right place as we offer survey equipment hire in London and across the nation.


Spectra Geospatial Seco Trimble and Nikon official certification

Owners of the UK’s first spectra precision Geo-instrument Authorised service Centre, we’re authorised by Spectra Precision, Nikon and Trim blue supplier, enabling us to provide survey equipment hire, survey equipment repair, laser level calibration services and safety equipment for the highest-quality precision tools and accessories on the market.

Passionate about maintaining industry-leading skills, our specialist Technicians are constantly updating and improving their knowledge of calibration service and repair for the latest cutting-edge survey technology available. This premium quality of service has enabled SEP to become a Spectra Authorised Service Partner as well as being an authorised dealer of the global brand.

Support and Technical Advice

Our dedicated support staff are available over the telephone, email and provide on-site training. We are Trimble, Spectra and Nikon authorised dealers and our workshop is built and authorised to Trimble standards meaning any equipment you hire is serviced and calibrated correctly.


Why hire survey equipment?

Hiring survey equipment provides a cost-effective way to utilise all the benefits of industry leading survey supplies without all the expensive ongoing service and calibration costs. Purchasing quality survey equipment can be expensive. This cost can escalate quickly when your project requires acutely accurate measurements that are only possible with high-grade survey equipment.

How Much does Survey Equipment Hire cost?

Hiring survey equipment can cost anywhere from £50 a week to £600+ per week. Survey equipment hire costs vary greatly depending on the type of equipment, the time its needed and if you require any additional safety equipment or services.

What survey supplies can be hired?

We offer a vast range of survey equipment for hire including: Total Stations, GNSS, Level kits and lasers, optical survey equipment, leica geosystems and safety equipment.

Where can I Hire Survey Equipment from?

You can hire our exceptional survey equipment throughout the UK, as we have decades of  experience lending and using our equipment across the United Kingdom – enabling you to hire Survey Equipment near you without needing to travel across the country.

How can I Hire Survey Equipment?

To Hire survey equipment, fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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