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Ranging Poles

A ranging pole is an important piece of surveying equipment used for marking out boundaries and measuring small offsets on site. Usually made of wood, fibreglass, or metal, these ranging poles are stuck into the ground at key points along the survey line.

Wooden and Aluminium Range Poles

We stock a variety of aluminium and wood ranging poles which are more robust than their standard fibreglass counterparts. Our wooden range poles are made from well seasoned wood and finished with a steel tip for fixing into the ground. Measuring two metres in length and marked with alternating bands of colour, these ranging poles are simple and effective to use. Our aluminium models are even more robust than our wooden ranging rods. Each ranging pole boasts a 10mm diameter and are available in various lengths for your convenience.

Effective Land Surveying Equipment

Our ranging poles are the perfect solution for marking out your site on foot. All our poles are built to the highest standard and can withstand bad weather and other harsh conditions, even if left on-site for extended periods. We have a large quantity of ranging poles available in our online store for immediate purchase and are happy to advise you on which type of offset rod is best for your particular project.

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