Spectra Z-blade GNSS-centric technology delivers uniquely different benefits

Modern day fast track construction projects need surveyors and site engineers to produce precise results more quickly than ever before. To ensure SEP continued to meet our clients’ demands in developing site surveying and setting-out, finding a reliable and economic solution became a priority. In Spectra Precision surveying equipment we have found that solution.

Over the past four years SEP’s own site engineers and surveyors have rigorously tested Spectra Precision GNSS systems on many challenging projects in all conditions from wind farms and new motorways to power stations and petrochemical plants, reporting excellent results.



Any worries regarding GNSS inaccuracy are allayed by the combination of unique all-signals tracking and Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology and L-band capability for satellite-delivered Trimble RTX correction services, with the result the SP60 and SP80 receivers provide the most reliable measurements and the highest possible accuracy under any conditions anywhere in the world.
In 2011 Spectra Precision first introduced the unique Z -Blade positioning technology. This unique technology carefully optimises the combining and data processing of signals from different GNSS systems. The resulting GNSS-centric technology increases RTK position availability in obstructed areas where satellite visibility is limited, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Network Processing

The Z-blades special network processing engine automatically adjusts position computations according to the type of network and base station type, thus mitigating potential issues with GLONASS biases. because the Z-Blade positioning technology is not GPS -centric, even in-band jamming on the L1/L2 bands does not present a problem. For specific applications, there is the option of selecting GLONASS, Beidou or Galileo-only modes. The Spectra Z-Blade technology enables surveyors to increase their accuracy, efficiency and productivity, thus maximising the value of their GNSS equipment investment. other unique technologies such as backup RTK Bridge and the patented inside-the-rod antenna extend the RTK radio range as well as protect the antenna. Combine with a Trimble VRS license and you have a market leading product at a fraction of other manufacturers’ prices.

Images: SEP Testing out the Z-blade technology at a wind farm


Noting very early on the equipment’s user-friendly interface, ease of data transfer and reliable GNSS connection, SEP migrated from using other manufacturers’ systems to using Spectra Precision SP60 and SP80 GNSS receiver packages as well as Spectra Precision Focus robotic total stations. Furthermore, with the unrivalled results and feedback continuing, in 2014 SEP became the main Spectra Precision dealer in the UK, such is our confidence and reliance on the products.

SEP’s clients are also providing very positive feedback demonstrating increased accuracy and productivity along with lower costs. Mark Hayes of Survey & Engineering Projects Ltd stated: “The Spectra equipment has provided us with a cost effective and highly valuable solution, with the Z-Blade technology in the GNSS solutions providing an uninterrupted GNSS position, along with the Focus 35’s powerful robotic tracking. We have been using Spectra equipment for over two years now- it has become the equipment of choice for all of our survey teams – and they would let us know if they preferred a different option but they can see the benefits and use this as their choice out in the field.”

Simon Crowder of Barhale Construction explains

 “using geospatial technology has become part of the engineering process and this knowledge is not expected on all schemes. The accuracy and speed achieved far outweighs prior methods and as that high standard becomes the norm we will continue to work alongside SEP to supply all of our surveying equipment due to the fact we can see these terrific results. In addition, we feel we received great value for money to undertake the task at hand. We have built a great relationship with SEP and are in the process of implementing this new equipment across all of our work moving forward.”

Survey and Engineering products offer the construction industry quality surveying and setting out products at the best possible prices. Training is provided and our support doesn’t stop at sale, our Trimble qualified technical department handle queries, repairs and can service your instrument. To find out more about the Z-blade technology or the Focus 35 please contact:

Neil Webster: 01695 729 835               info@sepltd.com              www.sepltd.com/onlineshop 


SEP are authorised Trimble, Nikon and Spectra dealers.




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