SEP & Spectra Precision Training Days

SEP and Spectra Precision understand the importance of training.  As experts on the Spectra Precision equipment who better to provide training days? We provide knowledge, key information and bring depth to the equipment being used on site with some hints and tips from the manufacturer. Our latest events have proved very successful with our clients, as they have chosen the topics to be covered to be delivered at their offices.

Our training focused on:

  • Spectra Precision Focus 35
  • Spectra Precision Focus 35 RX
  • Selecting the right Prism for the job
  • Stepdrive technology
  • GNSS
  • Survey Pro
  • VRS Licensing


  Key Takeaways for Focus 35 & 35RX:

  • Reflectorless Measurement on the Focus 35 & 35RX
  • Stepdrive Technology & its exclusivity to Spectra Precision
  • Instrument rotation is fast & automatic
  • Sleep mode to conserve energy when not in use
  • Active Tracking – only locking on to one prism
  • Coarse/Fine Drive
  • Accurate Measurements from the first set-up
  • Prism differentials


 Key Takeaways from Survey Pro:                                 

  • How to open Survey Pro
  • Assign a job name
  • Select job units
  • Select control files
  • Select coordinate system
  • Select the first point
  • Importing previous work into the current job – i.e importing manholes

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Our team is committed to providing you with the very latest Geoinstruments from Spectra Precision, Nikon and we are a service partner of Trimble. Providing equipment, products & training, our after sales support and workshop mechanics work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the best solution to meet your needs. If you would like to arrange some training for you and your team at our or your offices on Trimble, Spectra Precision & Nikon instruments please contact our team on: 01695  506 58 or


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