Key Benefits of Laser Scanning

What is Laser Scanning? 

A laser beam is fired at an object, and by timing the return of the beam to the instrument we can accurately calculate the position of that “point.” By creating millions of points we can create a point cloud in which we can then create a digital version of the item being surveyed  – bringing the real world into the virtual world.

Save Time: 

Working at approx 1 million points per second, we create a “point cloud” of data faster than manual methods, we can then get to work straight away back at the office to design and create various meshed or surfaced 3D models that are a great way to create:

  • Structural Plans

  • Virtual Tours

  • Revit Models

  • Technical Specifications

  • Identify key features, elements and edges

Design and Create 

What we produce will depend on the needs of the works, however, we think 3D models and virtual tours will be the standard in years to come and provide the wow factor! Imagine being able to offer your client a virtual tour of for example a football stadium or a redeveloped building accurate to a few millimetres. With this data, video fly-through is possible so you can virtually tour the structure without leaving the office or wearing a headset.


The benefit of the data being virtual is it can be manipulated to be used to multiple beneficiaries. Need an elevation and cross-section, no problem. Verticality, 3D Revit and bim models are all possible. We use a  webshare system that enables the user to view their model in a simple and effective way to get the most out of their scan, simple.

This video is a wet well we scanned in pitch black conditions- we are able to add a colour value to each element which is useful for height mapping.

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